Sunday, September 30, 2007

Malta's Quest

We are about to set up a project in which you'll have to get information about Malta. You can start by getting as much information as you can about this beautiful island in the Mediterranean. You can follow the outline I've made for you. Consult the address below (look for 1st batxillerat) where you can download the document.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A podcast to listen to

Here you have an interesting address where you can listen to a soap opera. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

the way we learn

There are a lot of ways to learn. The most typical is reading and memorising the words. But there are a lot of types of intelligence that sometimes we ignore, for example kinesthetic intelligence.
Nowadays in the normal schools we can only use the verbal intelligence and for that there are a lot of students that fail.
However there are some special schools that give importance to the other types of intelligence not only to the verbal one.
I think that in school teachers should try to discover the type of every child and teach him or her adaptated to his.
This is my opinion.

the way we learn

I think that this forms for study are a good idea, because if you study better with music or with animals and plants you will to draw out better marks.
I study when I'm alone, because if I study with one friend I don't do anything. Another form to study it's looking a picture and memorise it.
Sometimes when a teacher says an important thing in class I memorise it, if the sentence is very long I write it in my notebook, this is another form to study.
The other form that I use it's: when I'm a little stressed, I start to walk in my room and I start to read the lesson. whit this form I calm down and I can study.
I have friends that they like study with music. I think that it's impossible because when you are study and you listen one song that you know, you start to sing.
This forms to study are very differents and all the people study like they can.


The education

I think that in the actual education system, only is based in the study, only to learn exact thinks, and the people don't have their ideals.
The texts of some subjects, (like history, catalan, spanish, economy...), explain the lesson but the teenagers can't have a discussion about wherever that teacher has explained. Lesson explains the world but don't criticize and it doesn't give options to arguing the world. Then, when the people need to create their ideals, they can't, because they have not discussed during their young age.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I think that the people who invented this method have very good idea because no all the people can learn with the same way.

This school are a good alternatve for the people who have a different inteligence and in the last school don't have a good marks, but another persons who have this problem can't go in this school, I think that schools like this are being in all the cities and the countries.

I belive that in gneral the people think that is better are a worker in a office or in a multinacional than a P.E's teacher or an artist or a trowel... and if the society can pass this kind to see the jobs, all the inteligence are the same.


I think that the person who is invented this method and this method are good because no all the people can see that the others are different, or have another way to do the thinks.

In the text there are a different students who have a lot of kinds the inteligence but hey aren't all the people who have problems for this, I think that this schools there are being for all the cities in the world.

I belive that the teachers and the people in general discriminate differents inteligences or works, for example, in the actual society is better worker in a office or in a multinacional than to be artist or PE's teacher or trowel

Ready to work hard?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hi people!!!! We have just started our new Blog. Here you have a nice picture from our last year trip to Italy. It was very exciting and we enjoyed it a lot.
We hope to have great fun writing on this Blog. Lots of kisses.

The classe of 1st Batx. 2nd language English.