Monday, February 11, 2008


Some people can today live thanks to the "bionica" the latest possibilities in the medicine.
Ill people is cured and paralytics can run or catch something with robotic organs.
I'm very happy fot this, however the people who can enjoy it are only a few because mainly the body repels the machine.
But this is only the beginning and perhaps the next year this medicine can give more expectation of live or simply make easier and autonomous the live for descapacitated people.
To sum up it's good that the science make better every day.

You forgot the title

there are many people who watch the simpsons.
there aren't one concrete public, people of all ages see this tv film.

Sometimes I'm watching it. But I don't like & so much because they are a little stupids.
There are a lot of critics about this tv film, but I think that the whole world is free of looking what & want in the TV.
I prefer & watch the news, but my sister not.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


There are many people who listen to music to study. People like &listen & pop music, rock, chill out…
These persons say with the music it’s easy to concentrate but I don’t think the same.
When I’m studying I prefer & be alone, without noises. If I have choosing one music to study I would choose chill out music. This music is calm and it's perfect to desstressed.
Another reason cause I would choose this music is because I never listen to it, and I don't know any song.
This is my opinion about chill out music.

OPINION ESSAY: The mundial expectation of live

The expectative of live will be lower for some factors.
Why? It’s so easy:

1- To smoke decrease 10 years your live, 35% of the men’s smoke.
1.1- There are 4 millions of people that die for pulmonary diseases caused by the tobacco.

2- The high consume of any type of drugs is increasing faster, killing people by overdoses.
2.1- 60% of the population ADMITS to have consumed drugs (without tobacco) in their lives.
2.2- More than 500 young dead every year for an Overdose in Spain
2.3- Hundreds of them destroy their lives for a psycotropical drug EACH YEAR.

3- The bad alimentation produces thousands of “food zombies” by the fast-food enterprises.
3.1- More than 65% of the world population has cholesterol problems

50 years ago, this problems didn’t exist, the people ate healthy food “made in home”, the drug was social-prohibited and the youngest boys and girls wanted only in play with his friends, and not in go to smoke with them.

If we don't change our live system, the future generations will return to be four-legs-walker's.