Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry chriastmas to everybody!!!

I know that my comment is the latest but I have a lot of excuses...

You know is Christmas, time to forgive, give and RECIVING (xD), time to spend with your familiy and your friends, to summerize time of happiness, but we should try to make christmas more than a celebration.

Because the generosity, peace, love, hope... should have in our live, no only in Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Christmas is already here! All the streets are full of beautiful lights and at home we have got Christmas trees and other special things to decorate it. Another relevant characteristic of Christmas is that we give presents to the ones you love. All seems to be perfect but I think that Christmas is not only a few days when we buy a lot and do celebrations with our family and friends. I think that it is something more. In my opinion, these days are good for thinking about the other people and not only about our friends or family. I refer to the people of the world.
So this year we can try to do it and improve the world where we live.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I love Christmas, is a celebration that there are very things like: lights, presents, snow, happiness…
There is one problem in this celebration and it is the cold, but it’s a little problem that it doesn’t affect very much.
Christmas is to be with family and with friends.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


His name's Jack
When he was a baby, his face was adorable, like all the babies' faces was round with a smooth and fair skin, he had a birght, shine and blue eyes, his mouth was expressive, his nose are little and turned up, his ears were really big and his hair was thin and blond, with two graceful and big eddies.
He usually worn a jumper, and a corduroy trousers with suspenders.
Now he has got an oval face and have a young beard, he's got almonded and blue eyes, his lips are thin, he's got a straight nose, his ears don't seems big and the hair is spiky and blond, his eddies desapeared some years ago. He always wears cool clothes.
He's short but an attractive young.
He loves music and he plays the bass in a band, but if he doesn't have this luck with the music he would have probably studied herpetolgy (reptil's science) because he love reptiles too, he had two lizards: Zukie and Jerry but he has two dogs and two cats too.
His favourite band are Blink-182
He's shy and lazy.
However, when he trust you, he becomes spontaneous, witty, sometimes rude but always a loyal friend.
He was born on 30th November in 1987 in Essex and now he lives in London.
But he's usually is in tour, or like now, recording songs in Australia.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm tall and slim, my face is round and I haven't got freckleds, I have got brown eyes and I'm wearing glasses.
I look one expressive smile in my mouth always except in the school.
My hair is bushy, thick, curly and its original colour is brown, but at the moment I am duing my hair dark violin.
I dresse up every day, but when I have got P.E. I wear a track-suite.
I' m a friendly, lively, talkative, realible and polite person. But I have got defects too, for example, I'm materialistic, a little moody, a little stubbord, and I am a little nosy.
I'm a adventurous and energetic person who lokes sport so much.
I have got a little patience.
I like listening to music and dreming of travelling to all the world.


I'm going to describe one person who is very important in my life. He is young. He's tall and he has got brown eyes. His hair is short and fair. He's a very attractive and cheerful person, but sometimes he is a little stubborn. He is talkative and he knows when the people have to shut up. He usually wears jeans and sweatres. At the moment he isn't working, he is studing. This person loves skiing and ride bycicle. Now he's living in Pobla with his family.
I have a good relation with this person, and if I need talk with someone, I know that this person will come to help me.
His name is Xavier and he is my boyfriend.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Are you a tv addict?

Tv has become part of our everyday lives. We can't probably imagine life without the box. However, some people are really glued to it and have become a coach potatoes. Are you one of those? Do the quizz and find out.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson
More met like Mr. Bean

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was born 6 January 1955 and is an English comedian, actor and writer, famous for his title roles in the British television comedies Blackadder and Mr. Bean.He's for me, the best commedian of the world, some people compares Mr'Bean with Charles chaplin, and a think that it's true.
All my live I have seen the serie “Mr. Bean”.
We can see this person in one of the 17 films where he appeares, like Love Actually, Scooby Doo, Rate race...and his last flim: Mr bean's Holiday.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back again!

I think that after one "pont" it's very difficult to return to class. I think that we shuold have to do more holidays or start classes at ten o'clock.
This is my opinion and I think that the other people think the same.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here you have a scary moovie to enjoy your Halloween night.
Don't forget to have at reach a bit of salt, just in case ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A bit of fun

Here you have an address where you can create an animation. Try to make up something amusing. Be imaginative! Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Videogames Global opinion.

Every year, all the enterprises that work with computer games need more and more technology (to have the best graphics, the best marketing strategy or simply, the best game)
There are a lot of categoryes of videogames, here there are the most important:

·Rol: you are the protagonist of the history and for win you need points of experience that you can win in the battles. (Strategy)

·1st person games: Normaly, this type of games are violent and fast games (guns), this is the most developed type of games, there are thousands of this computer games.
For be a good player in this games you need a lot of practice. (Reflex)

The PC isn't the most used plataform for play, but is the most expansived.

Personaly, I don't think that the games do a negative action to the players, when there are problems of ludpaty is because the people has no control for nothing that is addictive.
The videogames is one of the biggest markets of the world, surely the most innocent.

Computer games

Computer games are being one of the most important entretainment of the occidental world. People do in the game that would like in the real life, like driving a car at high velocity, taking a football team or shooting against other people. Then, people want to do that do in the game at real live, and or drive a car, or take a gun and...
And a game can to create a vice, I had a big vice 2 years ago cause GTA San Andreas, a game, and is really a problem, I didn't do my homework and I didn't go out.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


There are a lot of computer games. There are the adventure games, science fiction, struggle and more things. The majority who plays these games are the young people. It's a good form to occupy the free time if you haven't got anything better to do. There are games that are very boring, because if you don't like the adventure games and your friends are all the day playing with them, you can't do anything. I prefer to play a game when I'm with someone, because if you are with one person you have a good time, but if you are alone it is very boring.
I don't have many computers games, but if one friend has one game that I want, I ask her or him if he or she can lend me it, and I play it.
There are people that can play all the time, but I when I play a little time, I finish very tired.
My opinion about the computer games is that they are a good invent, but there are too many games.


I hate the computer games, and I hate the computers too because I think they turn people introvert. When the people play with one computer game (tetris, mario bros...for example) don't speak with others, don't read, study, don't go out, the people are shuned.

I don't play with this, and I only touch the computer when there is super necessity. I prefer do the things with my hands.


The arcade games are forever fashion because the number one are the famous Tetris who invented nintendo in 1989 for the game boy.

SuperMario 64 is the second better game, invented in 1996 for nintendo too; like the 3th who was invented in 1995 it name's Pokémon red/green one of the greatest trading and collecting games.

The fourth is a sport game, the name's Pro evolution soccer 4 and it's about football

Legends of zelda: Ocarina of time, are the fifth in the list because when it was inventing in 1998f for nintendo 64 has a innovation control system

The sixth, monkey island 2: le chuk's revenge has a good humour.

The seventh is a car games Super Mario Kart

The eigth is street fighter II created in 1991, one of the most famous games about warriors

The games who are occuping the nine and the ten place are Golden eye 007 (James Bond game) and Elite (space game).

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Malta's Quest

We are about to set up a project in which you'll have to get information about Malta. You can start by getting as much information as you can about this beautiful island in the Mediterranean. You can follow the outline I've made for you. Consult the address below (look for 1st batxillerat) where you can download the document.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A podcast to listen to

Here you have an interesting address where you can listen to a soap opera. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

the way we learn

There are a lot of ways to learn. The most typical is reading and memorising the words. But there are a lot of types of intelligence that sometimes we ignore, for example kinesthetic intelligence.
Nowadays in the normal schools we can only use the verbal intelligence and for that there are a lot of students that fail.
However there are some special schools that give importance to the other types of intelligence not only to the verbal one.
I think that in school teachers should try to discover the type of every child and teach him or her adaptated to his.
This is my opinion.

the way we learn

I think that this forms for study are a good idea, because if you study better with music or with animals and plants you will to draw out better marks.
I study when I'm alone, because if I study with one friend I don't do anything. Another form to study it's looking a picture and memorise it.
Sometimes when a teacher says an important thing in class I memorise it, if the sentence is very long I write it in my notebook, this is another form to study.
The other form that I use it's: when I'm a little stressed, I start to walk in my room and I start to read the lesson. whit this form I calm down and I can study.
I have friends that they like study with music. I think that it's impossible because when you are study and you listen one song that you know, you start to sing.
This forms to study are very differents and all the people study like they can.


The education

I think that in the actual education system, only is based in the study, only to learn exact thinks, and the people don't have their ideals.
The texts of some subjects, (like history, catalan, spanish, economy...), explain the lesson but the teenagers can't have a discussion about wherever that teacher has explained. Lesson explains the world but don't criticize and it doesn't give options to arguing the world. Then, when the people need to create their ideals, they can't, because they have not discussed during their young age.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I think that the people who invented this method have very good idea because no all the people can learn with the same way.

This school are a good alternatve for the people who have a different inteligence and in the last school don't have a good marks, but another persons who have this problem can't go in this school, I think that schools like this are being in all the cities and the countries.

I belive that in gneral the people think that is better are a worker in a office or in a multinacional than a P.E's teacher or an artist or a trowel... and if the society can pass this kind to see the jobs, all the inteligence are the same.


I think that the person who is invented this method and this method are good because no all the people can see that the others are different, or have another way to do the thinks.

In the text there are a different students who have a lot of kinds the inteligence but hey aren't all the people who have problems for this, I think that this schools there are being for all the cities in the world.

I belive that the teachers and the people in general discriminate differents inteligences or works, for example, in the actual society is better worker in a office or in a multinacional than to be artist or PE's teacher or trowel

Ready to work hard?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hi people!!!! We have just started our new Blog. Here you have a nice picture from our last year trip to Italy. It was very exciting and we enjoyed it a lot.
We hope to have great fun writing on this Blog. Lots of kisses.

The classe of 1st Batx. 2nd language English.