Thursday, September 20, 2007

the way we learn

I think that this forms for study are a good idea, because if you study better with music or with animals and plants you will to draw out better marks.
I study when I'm alone, because if I study with one friend I don't do anything. Another form to study it's looking a picture and memorise it.
Sometimes when a teacher says an important thing in class I memorise it, if the sentence is very long I write it in my notebook, this is another form to study.
The other form that I use it's: when I'm a little stressed, I start to walk in my room and I start to read the lesson. whit this form I calm down and I can study.
I have friends that they like study with music. I think that it's impossible because when you are study and you listen one song that you know, you start to sing.
This forms to study are very differents and all the people study like they can.

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Barrie said...

Hi Nuria, thanks for your post. We'll comment on it tomotrrow.