Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I heard that we have to write our expierence I tought that is going to be very dificult, basically because I have a bad memory, but once I've seen all the photos, I have a lot of memories and mainly of them were from non-cultured moments. Those moments when you are trying to share the appartment with your mates, or having some fun with them. Those that you can't explain in a text like that. But anyway, I think that I'm ready to explain something coherent.

The first day, when we caught the fly to Malta I was very excited because I've never caught a fly before. But at the end, the really impressionant thing was the temperture. That's the most distinctive part of all the trip, well, this one and the party (But this is one of those black parts).

We have a simple schedule, three hours of class in the morning, and do turism in the afternoon.
Somedays we have an all day excursion, or we spend free time in the beach or in paceville.
(We returned so suntanned! And some people with a cold too, because of the change of ambient between the room and the road.)

I think that Malta join us as a group, even more than the travel to Italy does. I think that this is one of the best parts.
While we were recording the film and in the fiveteen days we were in the island, we learned to work in group, to trust in the others and to give second chances. In general I can say that we learn a litle more to be persons. We grow up (just a litle more). That doesn't mean that all was happiness, we had bad times too, but at the end you remember it as a funny ones.

Even all that is good has an end, it has repercutions nowadays. We remember the trip so much. And I'm sure that everyone would repeat it, we speak about it, and to travel together to another place, but if it happens, is going to be explained in another text. The issue is that we don't forget what we do, I'll never do, or i'll try at least (You know I have a bad memory).

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm going to talk about summer.
Since the last weeks only rains every day, and it's VERY GOOD!
But in some days we are going to the lake or to the river, to pass time with our friends, spend time in the street, maybe only speaking, and then we're going to sunbathe in some gardens.
And we you arrive home and you fathers ask you what are yo doing, yo can answer: nothing! and it's all good because is summer =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today is a day very light. The weather is bad, sad....
In the afternoon we haven't got classes and we can do the homework and study a little.

The next week, we will celebrate "Sant Jordi", in this day the boys who love some girl give one rose her; and the girls give one book. I think that this celebration is a little machist, because the girls pay more for one book that you can save all the live, and the boys pay one flower that we can save four days. In spide of this celebration is very beautifull.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The translators fonction in the Internet

I'm going tot talk about a question that I make myself since I beginned to know a bit of the World Wide Web universe.

Yesterday I searched a how-to tutorial for translate some programs or webs in english to spanish or catalan.
First of all I found the Rosetta Project (good name for a translators project), but this web is just for professional translators, because they translate the principal, the most important texts of your PC, if a text has not a good translation, the consequences can finish for example in a reinstallation of all your Operative System (and all your programs and documents), you can be your informatical virus if you do anything and you have not any idea that you do.

Lately I found the Spanish Group of Translators of GNU (free programs for computers).
I signed up and I send a message to the boss of the group.

Now I wait the confirmation for begin to help with my translations the free community of the web.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

At half past two I finished the Machado's book work (I'm not sure that this it's good write, but anyway.. ) I hope that the homework of Spanish never was such hard as this.
Now I'm going to sleep, it'll be better...
See you tomorrow!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Some people can today live thanks to the "bionica" the latest possibilities in the medicine.
Ill people is cured and paralytics can run or catch something with robotic organs.
I'm very happy fot this, however the people who can enjoy it are only a few because mainly the body repels the machine.
But this is only the beginning and perhaps the next year this medicine can give more expectation of live or simply make easier and autonomous the live for descapacitated people.
To sum up it's good that the science make better every day.

You forgot the title

there are many people who watch the simpsons.
there aren't one concrete public, people of all ages see this tv film.

Sometimes I'm watching it. But I don't like & so much because they are a little stupids.
There are a lot of critics about this tv film, but I think that the whole world is free of looking what & want in the TV.
I prefer & watch the news, but my sister not.