Friday, March 28, 2008

The translators fonction in the Internet

I'm going tot talk about a question that I make myself since I beginned to know a bit of the World Wide Web universe.

Yesterday I searched a how-to tutorial for translate some programs or webs in english to spanish or catalan.
First of all I found the Rosetta Project (good name for a translators project), but this web is just for professional translators, because they translate the principal, the most important texts of your PC, if a text has not a good translation, the consequences can finish for example in a reinstallation of all your Operative System (and all your programs and documents), you can be your informatical virus if you do anything and you have not any idea that you do.

Lately I found the Spanish Group of Translators of GNU (free programs for computers).
I signed up and I send a message to the boss of the group.

Now I wait the confirmation for begin to help with my translations the free community of the web.

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