Saturday, November 24, 2007


His name's Jack
When he was a baby, his face was adorable, like all the babies' faces was round with a smooth and fair skin, he had a birght, shine and blue eyes, his mouth was expressive, his nose are little and turned up, his ears were really big and his hair was thin and blond, with two graceful and big eddies.
He usually worn a jumper, and a corduroy trousers with suspenders.
Now he has got an oval face and have a young beard, he's got almonded and blue eyes, his lips are thin, he's got a straight nose, his ears don't seems big and the hair is spiky and blond, his eddies desapeared some years ago. He always wears cool clothes.
He's short but an attractive young.
He loves music and he plays the bass in a band, but if he doesn't have this luck with the music he would have probably studied herpetolgy (reptil's science) because he love reptiles too, he had two lizards: Zukie and Jerry but he has two dogs and two cats too.
His favourite band are Blink-182
He's shy and lazy.
However, when he trust you, he becomes spontaneous, witty, sometimes rude but always a loyal friend.
He was born on 30th November in 1987 in Essex and now he lives in London.
But he's usually is in tour, or like now, recording songs in Australia.

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