Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm tall and slim, my face is round and I haven't got freckleds, I have got brown eyes and I'm wearing glasses.
I look one expressive smile in my mouth always except in the school.
My hair is bushy, thick, curly and its original colour is brown, but at the moment I am duing my hair dark violin.
I dresse up every day, but when I have got P.E. I wear a track-suite.
I' m a friendly, lively, talkative, realible and polite person. But I have got defects too, for example, I'm materialistic, a little moody, a little stubbord, and I am a little nosy.
I'm a adventurous and energetic person who lokes sport so much.
I have got a little patience.
I like listening to music and dreming of travelling to all the world.

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