Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Videogames Global opinion.

Every year, all the enterprises that work with computer games need more and more technology (to have the best graphics, the best marketing strategy or simply, the best game)
There are a lot of categoryes of videogames, here there are the most important:

·Rol: you are the protagonist of the history and for win you need points of experience that you can win in the battles. (Strategy)

·1st person games: Normaly, this type of games are violent and fast games (guns), this is the most developed type of games, there are thousands of this computer games.
For be a good player in this games you need a lot of practice. (Reflex)

The PC isn't the most used plataform for play, but is the most expansived.

Personaly, I don't think that the games do a negative action to the players, when there are problems of ludpaty is because the people has no control for nothing that is addictive.
The videogames is one of the biggest markets of the world, surely the most innocent.

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Barrie said...

Hi Fari, thanks for the post. Now, let's have a look at some mistakes you can easily correct:
plurals , gerunds after prepositions and people use a plural verb. We'll review all that tomorrow.