Tuesday, October 2, 2007


The arcade games are forever fashion because the number one are the famous Tetris who invented nintendo in 1989 for the game boy.

SuperMario 64 is the second better game, invented in 1996 for nintendo too; like the 3th who was invented in 1995 it name's Pokémon red/green one of the greatest trading and collecting games.

The fourth is a sport game, the name's Pro evolution soccer 4 and it's about football

Legends of zelda: Ocarina of time, are the fifth in the list because when it was inventing in 1998f for nintendo 64 has a innovation control system

The sixth, monkey island 2: le chuk's revenge has a good humour.

The seventh is a car games Super Mario Kart

The eigth is street fighter II created in 1991, one of the most famous games about warriors

The games who are occuping the nine and the ten place are Golden eye 007 (James Bond game) and Elite (space game).


Fari said...
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Fari said...

Legends of Zelda best ever!

Barrie said...

Good! I like when all of you contribute with a comment on it. Thanks Fari.