Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Computer games

Computer games are being one of the most important entretainment of the occidental world. People do in the game that would like in the real life, like driving a car at high velocity, taking a football team or shooting against other people. Then, people want to do that do in the game at real live, and or drive a car, or take a gun and...
And a game can to create a vice, I had a big vice 2 years ago cause GTA San Andreas, a game, and is really a problem, I didn't do my homework and I didn't go out.

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Barrie said...

Hi Joan, thanks for the post. You should correct some mistakes that I have seen in your writing. For example when yu write the verb to be at the beginning, it should be are instead of are being. Another one is when you use that meaning what. Don't worry,you are learning.